1. siminiblocker:

    … And then they were happy.  Forever. The end. 

    (a resurgence of Eleanor & Park feelings this week. sigh.)

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    photo by Joe Kwon

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  3. schrodingersowen:

    i guess the real question is how can you not like tesla

    he thought women would eventually rule the world because we’re the dominant sex

    he liked pigeons

    he was a vegetarian 

    he was a babe

    he was shy

    he hated edison 

    he’s perfect 


    Yup, as long as you’re ok with that time he went bonkers and tried to build a death ray.

    Are you serious the death ray was the best part


    And he didn’t like chubby people and hated touching other people’s hair and had to do everything in groups of threes and calculated the volume of his meals before he ate them

    And he built an oscillator that simulated an earthquake in his building and theorized that he could break the earth in two with the same principal

    And invented some part of basically everything we use today but didn’t patent most of it because by the time he was done with one thing he was on to the next

    And could build who mechanisms in his mind and run experiments on them so that by the time he built it in real life, it functioned perfectly

    Basically he was the most brilliant and weird man who ever lived

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  4. "To me, “making it” or success as far as in the creative world, that to me is complete baloney. Everything that I do, from songwriting to writing poetry to painting, each thing leads me to the next. There’s always room for development and progress and really just creation. I’m trying to create as many things as I can."

    - Scott Avett

    (I’m gonna be perfectly honest here, I didn’t post this quote for what Scott said, which is nice and everything, but for the fact that he used the word baloney and I’m imagining him saying the word in his fantastic, deep voice and I can’t get over it.)

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  5. nostalgiaultra:

    Me in the party: Gosh golly! This beat is… Whoo! This beat is… DANDY!

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    im fucking crYIN G omfg


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    Bless whoever looked at a picture of two mountains and thought of this.

    swike and hannah

    IT IS

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  8. We started with a hi-hat. That was Seth’s idea. He was like, ‘I’m gonna do the backbeat when we play, so we can get a little more groove going.’ And my idea was, ‘I’ll play the banjo and scream, and we’ll be loud enough together. 

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    Awwww they are so cute